Welcome to the most useful, user-friendly and practice resource used to share information about on-line drugstores and similar vendors.

How it all started?

Several years ago I was just a customer of multiple and versatile shops and trade platforms like any of you. To tell you the truth back then it was much trickier and less “kickier” then now, that’s why together with my purchases I was collecting a lot of negative customer’s experience and got wondering – is there a way to change negative for positive, at least a tiny bit. As I am an IT engineer by background it came obvious to me that the only solution is information. So that’s what we did – me together with several colleagues of mine launched a start up of an Internet platform to collect customers reviews and make ratings of vendors, combined with our own unbiased assessments and biased personal opinions.

What exactly do we review? teamOur area of competence are primarily sites offering original drugs, as opposed to those specialized in generics, unless the latter are recognized by international certification authorities as equal to the prototype. All the commonly used preparations fall within the area of our attention – from OTC aspirin to severely restricted tramadol hydrochloride. Also we have a special section dedicated to cosmetic products and cleaning products, where we concentrate on where one can buy environmentally clean agents, containing no parabens and other toxic ingredients.

Is it expensive to use our service?

So, here comes the most interesting fact about our project – it is completely free to use! To put it simple this is a non-
commercial project implemented by a group of initiative people just in the name of the truth.

How can users contribute and support us?

Of course, all kinds of monetary donations are most welcome. However even more important and valuable to us are your
comments, which help us to improve our product and make it better and easier to use for you, please see below some of those:

Kevin Morgan: I have used this site twice – first when I needed to buy an ayurvedic triphala, which is not available in our country, and the second time, when I wanted to buy Viagra generic cheap. Both times your reviews helped me greatly.

Lucy Diamond: A lot of good and useful data, however the interface could be improved a little, not very easy to understand how to search by a drugstore name.

Paul Milosz: Hey guys you are doing an excellent job, I use your services every time that comes very handy! I have a bad back, and undergo constantly some treatment programs, so saving the costs without being cheated is my first priority.

Claudia Winter: I am a journalist in our local newspaper and I’d like to thank you for permitting me to reprint some of your articles in our media, that comes very helpful to me!

John Napkin: Well, every time this is different. Several times I used your reviews quite successfully, however the last site that was favored by your reviewer appeared to be a complete scum. I paid money but received nothing. Please be more attentive and add this one to your blacklist.