pillsrefills.com reviews

pillsrefills.com reviews
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pillsrefills.com review

This ainʼt a searing review! This www site gets zero stars, only because itʼs indeed five-star! In case you wanna have a false quantity of active ingredient in the meds, I recommend visiting this worldwide web pharmacy. Donʼt want your medicine, to be drugs allowed by the Food and Drug Administration? Purchase here! Want your pills to be diluted? You know where exactly to get ’em! Iʼve read the pillsrefills.com review by medicine-rx.com, rambling about how “phenomenal” this drug store is. There are plain blunders, but this www site was set up by the fraudsters willing & ready to embezzle your funds. It is only a fraud! Instead of a drawn-out culmination, Iʼm just going to say I am disenchanted.

Pharmacy title: Pills Refills Pharmacy # 1
Website: http://www.pillsrefills.com
Pharmacy description: Pills Refills Pharmacy
Last support: 2017-10-02
Name: Robin Lynch
Adress: 1335 N Hydraulic StWichita, KS 67214-2613
Birthday: 1971-08-23
Phone: (573) 744-1228
email: [email protected]

Domain Location: Cook Sta, MO 5225 Westive Of Oakley Circle
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
Web archive: 7 pages
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I have no issues with the pills, nevertheless I think… In my opinion, the customer support team should be better than simply mediocre. I had a couple of issues concerning the www site itself, Iʼm not really a PC-savvy individual, I managed to reach the customer service crew and those people were really unenthusiastic and incredibly passive aggressive. What got me to check out this pharmacy: originally itʼs pillsrefills.com review from medicine-rx.com, then, truth to be told, the price tags are too good to be overlooked. I am gonna repeat: I donʼt have any troubles concerning the medication, they arrived to my address securely, they are efficient (not dupes), however talking to the customer services staff wasnʼt cool. Nitpicking notwithstanding, that is a magnificent internet-based drug store!

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pillsrefills.com reviews

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