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I bought my pills from the other pharmacy. Afterwards I have gone through the comprehensive review from & chose to order medicine from this on-line drug store. Amazingly, the drugs from the 1st drug store never appeared on my mailing address, still I got the order from in the next 7 hrs. Iʼm not going to state how complicated it was: asking for my bucks back from the first pharma. I realize my review is incoherent, but itʼs smooth: recommend staying away from all the “unsafe” drug stores!

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Hereʼs mine concise report: nasty spectrum of the drugs, the service is very bad as well. The longer analysis: the magnificent review straight from made me very curious in the medicine and the “awesome” drugstore. I am searching for weight loss meds, you know? The online site has a lousy variety, I choose the item that has the top-tier user reviews, the pills show up in 24 weeks (not overexaggerating). Iʼm okay about this. I take these “five-star” drugs for five days & there are zero results. Iʼm to this day obese. I hate misleading promises. I wanna personally say F YOU to all double-dealers working.

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