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Viagra – the properties, use, dosage, contraindications.

Since our customers are mainly men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, our goal is to support them in this difficult situation, the desire to show that this is not a problem, help to address these significant problems with health. With this article we open a series of articles about the drugs that increase potency in men. So now we will talk about Viagra – what is it?

Everyone heard about famous Blue pill, almost everyone knows that this is a special formulation designed to enhance potency in men. But only few people know how to use it correctly, what features does the drug and how it actually works. We will tell you about this.

The main effect of blue pill is that its dissolving in the body, causing blood flow to the male genitals, stimulating good erection. This is accomplished by expanding the arteries through which the blood flows and narrowing veins contributing to the outflow of blood. The erection after taking Viagra is quite stable and long, but, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t cause inconvenience to the man, persisting even after intercourse. Also an erection can not occur in the absence of sexual stimulation and psychological attraction to the partner.

Generic Viagra is better to use for erectile dysfunction of varying degrees. But this is not a method of treatment of this disorder. For treatment is best to consult a doctor. Also, experts recommend taking this drug, if the man has some psychological problems, “the expectation of failure” syndrome, when man fears that sexual intercourse and erection will not occur. A one-time reception of Viagra, or a repetition of this technique a few times will help a man to believe in himself, to stop worrying, and thus contribute to the emergence of a normal erection.

How to use?

  • It is recommended to use up to 100 mg per day. For the first half an hour before sexual intercourse is better to take 50 mg. If the desired effect does not occur, you can administrate 50 mg more. In the future, man’s body normally accept a dose of 100 mg of sildenafil (Viagra). The effect after taking Viagra lasts up to four or six hours. You should remember that Viagra will not help you cause attraction to the woman. It only contributes your excitation and stable erection. Sometimes it happens that the effect of Viagra can only be achieved on the third appointment (not per day) – and that’s fine. If the action is still little expressed or not expressed at all, consult your doctor.
  • Special side effects from the drug Viagra haven’t been noticed, but since it increases blood pressure, you may feel dizzy. Also sometimes it has been marked by redness of the skin, heartburn, nasal congestion or light. If you experienced serious side effects, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  • To avoid an overdose should not use Sildenafil Citrate more than 100 mg per day. Perhaps, before taking it, better to consult your doctor – urologist or sexologist.

Sildenafil does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the patient’s health. You can not be afraid that you will get used to it. The drug Viagra (sildenafil) does not cause addiction.

  • Viagra Online (Sildenafil Citrate) will certainly affect the quality of sex. 90% of patients reported the qualitative and quantitative improvement. However, Viagra does not affect spermatogenesis, as well as on reproduction. During the reception, the probability of conception remains the same.
  • There is only one contraindication to receive Viagra. Do not use the drug if you are suffering from disorders of the cardiovascular system. At least, it should be used with caution and, certainly, should be pre-consult with the doctor.
  • Try not to use this treatment in conjunction with alcohol. Alcohol can weaken the sensitivity and significantly affect erection, reducing the effect of Viagra to a minimum. However, there is a good choice: “Viagra SOFT” pills- they dissolve under the tongue, and they can be combined with alcohol and fatty food. In this case, Viagra Soft has a more rapid effect than the usual Viagra, as enters the body more quickly (in the mouth).

Many people ask- what is generic Viagra? And why these generics have such a low price? It’s simple. Generic – is an analogue of the drug and its composition has absolutely the same active ingredient at the same dosage, and thus has 100% identical to the organism.