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We all heard how to solve problems in bed- famous Viagra is a well-known drug, which helps millions of men every day. The popularity of Viagra is difficult to overestimate. On the other hand – sexual education of the population is very pleasing and the most common drug is often exposed to fakes, often dangerous to health, besides, the price of a blue pill is constantly growing, making the drug simply inaccessible. Fortunately, the market has an absolute analog of the most popular “love helper”, which completely copies its composition, has the same effect on the male body, is a certified and tested drug and its costs a lot less than popular blue pill. It is all about developing enterprising Indian pharmacists, which made a drug called Kamagra.

Kamagra product description:

All drugs to increase potency can be divided into two parts: Sildenafil (which is th main ingredient of kamagra oral jelly and viagra) and Natural treatments ( which consists of plant components). But it is worth noting that Sildenafil visibly outperforms in its properties and results to all herbal remedies that affect the male reproductive system. And thanks to the huge popularity of this tool, it is incredibly often counterfeited, so there is a huge chance of buying a fake, which will not give you any desirable effect. The only way to avoid such a problem is to buy a less common, but cheaper analog, which is characterized by the same strong efficiency. This is exactly what Kamagra Oral Jelly is. The most important substance of the drug is sildenafil citrate, which significantly improves its quality, fighting with male impotence, as well as the risk of premature ejaculation. Kamagra is an analogue of a blue pill, as well as other similar drugs – not addictive. It is sildenafil citrate that provokes the stimulation of the blood vessels of the penis.

Kamagra instruction and testimony:

Kamagra is prescribed for men with male impotence, a weak erection or complete absence of it. The drug can be taken by mature men and men of advanced age. Take a drug in the amount of 50 mg in just one hour before the proposed intimate act. And the action should be expected after 30-90 minutes after taking the medicine. It is worth noting that this medicine is strictly prohibited after or during meals, in this case, the action of the medication will appear much later. You can use this treatment with alcohol, but it can weaken the effect of the drug. Use this medicine not more than once a day, and also store it in a dark and cool place where air temperature does not exceed +30 degrees.


The most important contraindications to this drug can safely be attributed to the individual intolerance of sildenafil substance. Also, in addition to this, you can not take this medication if you use other drugs which contain nitrates. Also, drugs that can function as donators of nitric oxide may also react with this medicine. These drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of angina and heart failure. Also, you need to be cautious about penile diseases and painful erections, retinitis pigmentosa, duodenal ulcers or stomach, as well as diseases that are associated with a low level of blood clotting. In addition to all of the above, before using this drug, you should definitely consult with your doctor if you are already treating erectile dysfunction with other drugs and methods. In the event when there are problems with the liver and kidneys, then the drug should be taken with a great care, reducing the dosage to a minimum, let’s say, not more than up to 25 mg. Side effects: they can include reddening of the face, headaches, digestive disorders, vision impairment, as well as nasal congestion and dizziness. But all this passes as quickly as possible.

Instruction and recommendations:

This pill is not an odd teratment, it is a full-value analogue of a patented medicine and differs from it only by packing and letters in the name. To the preparation of Kamagra, the instruction is also almost identical to Viagra: the same recommended dosages, precautions and restrictions on age and health status. The drug is not recommended for men under 18 and after 65, otherwise there are no hard bans. You should be about an hour before the proposed proximity, the action of Kamagra will last about 4 hours. The main component of Kamagra is sildenafil, it provides the blood flow to the right places and guarantees a long lasting effect.