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This web-site is an online checker for pharmacies which sell drugs online.
We are not commercial organization which aimed to prevent fraud and scamming, we do not sell or make an advertisment of medical products on our website.

Is there any benefit in buying medical products in online pharmacy?

What you should know when you make a purchase?

  • – Our web-site will help you to sort out the most important issues about purchasing drugs online.

Legitimate documents and other paperwork:

  • Do not make the purchase until you are sure that the web-site you use is legal and permissible. We can help you to get full information about online stores and you will be able to buy from legal and trusted pharmacies. Some of them can meet certain restrictions on the transport of certain medicines.

The difficulties in overseas online shopping:

  • Usually people purchase medicines in the Internet because of several main reasons: in order to save money, to have full privacy and convenience due to fast delivery of the goods to your door.

Is it possible to order medicines in foreign pharmacies, and how to do this correctly? Sometimes, it is not so easy to buy drugs in the internet as you need to go through several difficult steps.

While ordering drugs through the internet, you should be prepared for the fact that some foreign vendors will require you a prescription. Of course, the question can be easily solved, but in some cases, you need a prescription from a doctor in the country where you plan to buy. All these restrictions you must check before you make an order. Our web-site has a full information about pharmacies which require for special kinds of prescriptions.

Prescribed DrugsBe sure to find out if the base material has passed the pharmacological testing of the product in US, as well as take care of the registration of the product in your country.

Always ask for the seller documents that confirm the quality of products. Otherwise you have a risk to buy from not legal pharmacy and all the time spent on search and purchase will be lost in vain, but the worse- you can harm your health.

Another important point is the expiry date of medicines and the conditions of carriage. Some drugs must be transported at a certain temperature, and if you do not abide by these conditions, the medicine will simply become restricted for use.


  1. Many online pharmacies offer their visitors the opportunity to get expert advice on a video call, e-mail or other modern communication capabilities, which is another important advantage.
  2. Such purchases have a number of obvious benefits. In particular, the issue of price. Medical drugs you buy in online stores are always cheaper than in local stores. There are many generics of patented and famous drugs, which cost is much lower than the cost of original drug. They have the same active substance, but the price is more affordable.
  3. Finally, the issue of privacy or anonymity. Many buyers are looking for intimate medicines, which they not feeling comfortable to buy in offline shops. These drugs with home delivery are much more convenient for the person.
Where to buy drugs online?
  • If you walk across the expanses of the internet, you can find a considerable number of foreign online pharmacies with a good reputation. In any case it is an individual choice. To get acquainted with trusted pharmacies- check all of them on this web-site.